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noun [ mer-i-tok-ruh-see ]

"A society governed by people
selected according to merit"


Humans are changing the way they organise themselves. In the future we will collaborate in decentralised teams.

Meryt Protocol provides flexible modules to create the right governance systems for Digital Organisations to make better on-chain investment decisions.


Decentralised investing and decision making is happening every day.

Meryt Protocol is a blockchain agnostic Digital Organisation builder, that brings blockchain and DeFi technologies to everyone - accelerating the adoption of decentralisation.  

Meryt is a new type of user friendly, reputation based protocol - which values effort and skill as equal to wallet size.

In most typical protocols, governance exclusively uses wallet balance as the measure for voting power within the ecosystem.

We have found a considerable gap in the emerging decentralised space... a focus on meritocracy.

Most traditional work environments are not meritocratic (fair) at heart. They are discriminatory, biased and completely lacking in transparency.

For millennia, humanity has operated with inherent organisational flaws that disproportionately benefit top level stakeholders.

A design structure which serves only to further disempower those already at a disadvantage, irrespective of merit.

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A feature set that powers decentralised teams with DeFi tools.

A feature set designed to optimise
performance of decentralised teams:

Multi-sig wallets

Wallet integrations

Voting mechanisms

Token rewards and staking

Yield optimisers

Oracle and off chain integrations

Blockchain agnostic


The Meryt Token ($MRT) is at the heart of the transition from an autocratic model of governance to a self-sustaining, self-governing model.

Read our Lite paper to learn more.

Efficient Resource Allocation

Thinkers have the weight of the entire Meryt ecosystem behind them - bringing market solutions, tools and skills to benefit everybody.

Contributors can work for any Digital Organisation in a permissionless manner.

That means your project can bring in the very best talent from a global pool, and reward them with the $MRT token.

For Everyone

Within the Meryt suite are products that
make it easy for anyone to build their own Digital Organisation.

Build allows developers, both with and without crypto expertise, to create modules (plug-ins) that allow non-technical people to create Digital Organisations.

Think is a 'dApp' and builder with best in class
UX/UI for non-technical users.

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