The Meryt Foundation is the Genesis Decentralised Meritocratic Organisation (gDMO) that aims to reinvent human interaction, by aligning incentives to build, innovate and collaborate with others. As the nucleus of the Meryt Network, the role of the Meryt Foundation is instrumental in determining the overall success of the ecosystem in its early stages.

The Meryt Foundation today is brought to you by the team behind Pynk, whose founders are strong supporters of blockchain, de-fi technologies, and decentralised decision-making. Pynk is a FCA regulated fintech app whose vision is to ‘empower people everywhere to collaborate and create a more sustainable financial future for all’. In addition to the team behind Pynk, we are inviting various supporting partners across the blockchain industry to join The Meryt Foundation.

The Meryt Organisation is registered in the British Virgin Islands.


Seth Ward


Seth has been a serial tech entrepreneur since the mid ’90s when he started one of the world’s first ever internet consultancies. Since then he has founded start-up businesses such as the SaaS sports website Scout7 (which exited to Opta Group) and also Pynk.

Seth has been involved in crypto since he first experimented with mining Bitcoin around 2012 and is a true believer in the potential of decentralisation to fix and improve many aspects of business and society.

Mark Little


Mark is an economics graduate from the University of Exeter and an experienced B2C and D2C marketeer with 15+ years of commercial blue-chip experience. Having started his career at Reckitt Benckiser and Disney, Mark subsequently spent 8 years at Unilever, where he worked as Marketing Manager in the UK business and as Marketing Director for North Asia.

During his time working in Shanghai, Mark discovered his passion for fintech and its potential for building consumer relevant financial and economic models.

Philip Fletcher

Product Director

Philip has 6 years trading experience in equities, currencies, commodities, and alternatives. He holds a Degree in International Relations and has been a consultant for various companies, including Starship Technologies, the world’s first last-mile fully autonomous robotics delivery company, as part of their original deployment team.

Philip became interested in digital assets in 2017, ultimately moving into FinTech and joining Pynk in 2018 as a Co-Founder. Since then, he has played a key role in the core business strategy as well as Product & Fund Development. As a Founding Member of Meryt, Philip has been part of the core team identifying the critical business case, mission, and developing the concept into a fully deliverable project.

Zack Yurtsever

Head of Growth

Zack is a dynamic entrepreneur and growth consultant who has worked with the web since the 90s for EMEA based blue-chip companies in FMCG, gaming and investing. At the end of 2018, Zack joined Pynk as a Co-founder and Head of Growth. Having been involved in the blockchain Industry since 2016, Zack is passionate about Web 3.0 and proud to be a founding member of Meryt.

Yigit Nalkiran


Yigit is a full stack developer who co-founded Otoredi, an innovative platform to compare and book rental cars, back in 2012. In 2018 he moved into fintech as CTO at Pynk.

Răzvan-Marian Păun

Strategy & Tokenomics

Răzvan is a self-starter with 4 years of experience in equities and blockchain upstarts investment research. He earned his Master of Arts in Economics from the University of Aberdeen, where he spent two years researching the economic incentives and behaviour of economic agents in blockchain architectures, and the economic characteristics enabling blockchain technology to replace legacy financial systems.

From early 2020, Răzvan has been leveraging his skills in Pynk across Product Development, Investment Research and Compliance. As a Co-founder of Meryt, he has been steering protocol-level strategy, by developing the token design, its utility mechanisms as well as the roles of stakeholders.


Jamie Burke

CEO, Outlier VC

As an early investor in Bitcoin and Ether Jamie went 'all in' during 2013 founding Outlier Ventures, Europe’s 1st venture fund and platform dedicated to blockchain and Web 3. Since then Outlier have built a portfolio including industry-defining projects such as Brave Browser, Fetch.ai, Ocean Protocol, DIA Data, Enigma / Secret Network and developed an award-winning Web 3 accelerator working with 30 pre-seed startups a year who they have helped raise over $130m in growth capital.

Stefano Tresca

General Partner, PH Capital

Serial entrepreneur, bestselling author, and impact investor in tech — Stefano was employee #8 at Wind, a telecom and internet company that made an exit for $12.1 billion.

Stefano has been featured in “20 Must-Read on the Future of Work”, together with Satya Nadella, Eric Ries, and Tim O’Reilly. His TEDx speech is one of the most-watched videos on unbanked, financial inclusion, and FinTech in emerging economies with his work being included in coverage, and published, by major media including the BBC and Wired.

Many years ago, he fell in love with the city of London, and that’s where he lives now when he’s not traveling.